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Little Butt Kind One Size Preflat Bamboo Cotton | LEAF YOU A LOT

Little Butt Kind One Size Preflat Bamboo Cotton | LEAF YOU A LOT

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One Size Fits Most (OSFM) Pre-flat

 5cm wider and 40gsm thicker than our original bamboo cotton preflat

Preflat is 70% Bamboo, 25% Cotton, 5% Spandex 220gsm

Two layers of super soft bamboo cotton spandex. Six layers (when folded) of absorption. Crazy trim, with 4 way stretch- creating a snug fit around the little legs and containment of those poo-namis.


We LOVE preflats because they are:

- super fast drying (perfect for winter.. am I right?)
- trim
- super absorbent (bamboo is amazing right!)
- easy to wash
- so soft
- great base for heavy wetter or night nappy (easily boost to customise absorbency)


Fits the regular one size fits most model - bulky on a new newborn and slowly they grow into it (from about 5 kgs) until they toilet train.


Designed in NZ by Pippa, ethically made overseas and tested on Little Butt Kinds CPTs (Chief Product Tester - Zacie, Mia & Lilly).

To sanitise use the 90 degree method on the Clean Cloth Nappies website.

I’m absorbent not waterproof

Hold me tight with a snappi or master the stretch and tuck method (we have made it larger to make this easier!!) Then cover me with something waterproof like a PUL, TPU or wooly cover.

Care for me but I’m just a nappy.. what’s the worst that can happen!

I dry uber uber quick  – but feel free to throw me in the dryer. I'm bamboo cotton, so I shrink about 10%!

Wash me

Pre-wash. Wash. Dry. Wear. Repeat!

Pre-wash and wash in 40-60 degree temperatures. Dry me. put me on a little butt. Repeat.

We love the clean cloth nappies website – some really clever people, doing really clever things in the cloth nappy washing space (who knew that was a thing). They have helped me and so many others successfully make the switch (cue applause).

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