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Hi I'm Helen, mama to my little bubba boy, River, and wife to Brent, hence River & Bee!

River & Bee was born out of an obsession with cloth nappies (those prints though!) and a want to spend as much time as possible with my son. I couldn't imagine having to go back to work (I'm an accountant) when River was only 6 months old, and so I started this business in the hopes that it would allow me to support my family and be able to spend more time with my boy.

It has quickly grown beyond cloth nappies, with a range of products for both mamas and bubs. I really hope you love our products as much as I do! Your support allows this mama to spend more time with her boy, and for that I thank you!


I’m just starting my reusable nappy journey and have found the River and Bee Nappies to be my favourite so far. The stretchy wings are really useful, and make them fit well. The snaps to hold the insert in place are quite handy, along with the ability to easily pull them from both ends. Overall, a really well designed nappy! The shells dry quickly, so I find if you buy double the amount of inserts, you can use them again sooner!

Lydia K.

I ran out of disposables last night...used the new River & Bee. There was room for more wee! No leaks and a poo this morning! Considering she would go through 1 hemp and 2 bamboo it's bloody awesome! So stoked! If I can keep using them at night I'm going to save so much money!

Danika C.

The new premium insert set is a dream! I was out and about one day and didn't have anywhere practical to change him, lasted 7 hours even in a car seat!! And then I used it overnight too because I didn't have any night nappies ready to use! So Good!!

Olivia J.

First time using this nappy and we had a close call with an epic blowout. The back panel works like a charm. Gutted my whole stash isn’t River and Bee now… give it time haha

Rachael S.

Honestly amazing! Easy to use, catches ev er ry THING that flies out of my wee boys butt. Beautiful designs and the softness is next level. Absolutely love them and hope more prints come out to buy another 10 pack!

Tiara B.

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