All About Inserts


Here at River & Bee we stock pocket nappies. This style of cloth nappy requires absorbent inserts to be, well, inserted into the nappy pocket. Without these inserts the nappies will not be absorbent. The River & Bee inserts can also be placed on top of the nappy shell, rather than in the pocket, as the materials are safe to have against baby's skin. The inserts can also be snapped in to the shell to hold them in place.



There are two different inserts available with the River & Bee nappies - 4 layer bamboo cotton or 3 layer hemp cotton. Inserts can also be made from materials such as microfibre, bamboo terry or charcoal bamboo.



Really it depends on your bub. Some people find a single microfibre insert is enough, whereas some people experience a lot of leaks. You just need to find what works for you and your bub. Personally, microfibre isn't enough for my son River (even as a tiny newborn), so I always had to boost with a bamboo insert.

Our bamboo cotton inserts are super thirsty so should be enough absorbency for daytime use. However, if you require more absorbency this can be paired with our hemp cotton insert. These inserts absorb A LOT of liquid, but are slower to absorb, so should be paired with another insert with faster absorption on top e.g. our bamboo cotton insert, or a solely microfibre or bamboo terry insert.

Will this guarantee no leaks? Of course not! There are so many factors involved that we just can't guarantee that. As said previously, it all depends on your bub, so you'll have to find the inserts, or combination of inserts, that work best for you.