River & Bee Premium Reusable Nursing Pads | FULL SET (9 PAIRS)

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This pack contains a pair of nursing pads in each of the 9 prints available.

A great alternative to disposable nursing pads, these reusable nursing pads will save you money as well as waste from landfill!


  • Soft graphene (similar to athletic wicking jersey, but softer) against the skin
  • 2 inner absorbent layers - 280gsm bamboo cotton and 360gsm hemp cotton
  • Water-resistant PUL layer to keep clothes dry.
  • Approx. 12.5cm diameter.
  • Machine washable and tumble dryer safe on low or no heat. Do not use fabric softener as this can reduce absorbency.

It is recommended that you change the nursing pads 2-5 times per day, depending on leaks. The most important thing is to keep the skin clean and fresh as this will help reduce the chance of infection or thrush.