River & Bee Modern Cloth Nappy 2.0 - DEEP SPACE

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River & Bee nappies are a hybrid OSFM (one size fits most) all-in-two/pocket nappy, fitting from approximately 3.5-20kg.

Nappy comes as standard with our NEW Premium Insert Set.


Nappy Shell

  • 4 rise settings, including unsnapped
  • PUL outer layer - makes the nappy water resistant
  • PUL tummy leak guard - stops moisture wicking onto baby's clothes
  • PUL elasticated back leak guard - acts as a back gusset to prevent anything escaping out the back
  • thick back elastic - for a more comfortable fit
  • graphene mesh lining (similar to AWJ) - wicks moisture away from baby's skin; quick drying after washing
  • internal double gusset - great at containing poops
  • double pocket opening (front and back)
  • stretchy wings - allowing for an easier fit
  • hip snaps to prevent "wing droop" and crossover snaps to get a smaller fit
  • hip snaps are female (flat snaps) so nappy can be snapped on the last setting without snaps digging into baby's skin
  • locator snaps at the front and back of the nappy to snap inserts in place



At River & Bee we have a few different insert options:

  • Premium Insert Set (comes as standard with the nappy) - 6-layer 280gsm bamboo cotton hourglass and a 5-layer (2 layers 280gsm bamboo cotton & 3 layers 360gsm hemp cotton) booster. These both snap together and then into the nappy shell, or can both be used separately. A ridiculously thirsty insert set!
  • Standard 4-layer 280gsm bamboo cotton insert. Available for purchase separately here.
  • Standard 3-layer 360gsm hemp cotton insert. Available for purchase separately here.
  • Premium 2-layer 450gsm bamboo cotton trifold (2700gsm when folded). Can be snapped into the shell. Available for purchase separately here.