River & Bee Nappy Insert | BAMBOO COTTON TRIFOLD

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Heaps of absorbency (highest gsm bamboo cotton on the market!!) yet fast drying! The perfect combination!


  • 2 layers of 450 gsm bamboo cotton (6 layers when folded) giving a whopping 2700 gsm of absorbency when folded in three! Also it’s soooo soft!
  • snap to enable snapping into our nappy shells (or any standard nappy shell with a snap), or to snap onto the outside of a fitted nappy for overnight
  • reinforced stitching around the perimeter to ensure they stand the test of time
  • 36cm x 36cm when laid flat (36cm x 12cm when folded in 3)


Perfect for:

  • use with our nappy shells, either stuffed in the pocket or laid on top and snapped in (can go directly against baby's skin)
  • adding heaps of absorbency into your night nappies
  • longer periods of time e.g. naps or car rides


Wash before first use (no need to soak). Trifold should reach full absorbency after 8-10 washes, although only one wash is necessary before first use. As our trifolds are made with natural fibres, some shrinkage is expected after washing. Gently pull back into shape when damp. Air drying should minimise any curling of the edges, but if needed these can be popped into the dryer.

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