Little Butt Kind One Size Modal Cotton Snap Pre-flat | BENJI GREY

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Two layered modal cotton pre-flat in “Benji Grey”

47% Modal, 47% Cotton and 6% Elastane with snaps 

Why modal?

Modal is butter soft, super absorbent, lightweight, breathable, and less prone to shrinking. 

Why Cotton?

Cotton is beautiful! It gets a bit of a “bad rap” in the nappy community (or maybe that’s just Pippa's imagination) but it’s lovely! And these nappies are extra durable because of it. Modal cotton – it’s the best of both worlds (cue Hannah Montana Music).

Why pre-flat?

Six (250 gsm- so thick) absorbent layers when folded. Four way stretch makes fitting a breeze. Trim, trim, trim! Super fast drying (amazing in winter), simple to use and forgiving to wash (if you struggle with night nappy ammonia buildup – try these!). These don’t need “boosting” for day use… unless you have a super heavy wetter!