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River & Bee nappies are a OSFM nappy, fitting from approximately 3.5-16kg.

Nappy comes as shell only, or with a 4-layer bamboo cotton insert. 3-layer hemp cotton inserts can also be purchased separately.


Nappy Shell

  • PUL outer layer - makes the nappy water resistant
  • PUL tummy panel - stops moisture wicking onto baby's clothes
  • athletic wicking jersey (AWJ) lining - wicks moisture away from baby's skin; quick drying after washing
  • 4 rise settings, including unsnapped
  • internal double gusset - great at containing poops
  • stretchy wings - allowing for an easier fit
  • hip snaps to prevent "wing droop" and crossover snaps to get a smaller fit
  • double pocket opening (front and back)
  • locator snaps at the front and back of the nappy to snap inserts in place



At River & Bee we have 2 insert options, 4-layer bamboo cotton and 3-layer hemp cotton. Both inserts can be snapped into the shell individually, or snap the bamboo cotton insert onto the hemp cotton insert and then snap into the shell for maximum absorbency.